Departments and people

We care about creating a friendly work environment and an atmosphere that motivates and engages our employees. Meet our departments and find out who we are.


Bemko departments


It is responsible for the effective functioning of the infrastructure in the company space used by all employees on a daily basis. The department's specific tasks include the management and maintenance of office space, including furnishing and modernising the premises and providing employees with the materials they need for their work. The Administration employee is also responsible for the company's telephone and correspondence services.

Export department

It is responsible for overseeing the export processes associated with the distribution of specific goods to other countries. Export specialists are involved in finding foreign distributors, implementing budgets and planning export stocks. They also take an active part in defining the company's sales and promotion policy for the foreign market.

Technical Department

Our Technical Department has a state-of-the-art Research Laboratory where we test the safe use of products, perform durability tests and make accurate measurements for different types of light sources. We check all the performance parameters necessary for lighting and interior design to ensure 100% safety and compliance with the standards in force and the requirements of the European Directive.


A well-organised Marketing Department is the basis for good communication with Customers. We enjoy aspects such as creating a positive image of Bemko, looking after new brands, analysing market innovations and organising events. We also develop and distribute marketing materials, and our graphic designers are always striving to create new and interesting designs.


Warehousing is one of the most important links in the supply chain. We understand the importance of storing products in the right conditions and delivering orders to Customers efficiently. BEMKO currently has a warehouse with a total area of 3000 m2. Warehouse and production managers coordinate activities to ensure that available storage space is optimised and orders are delivered efficiently.

Trade Department

It cooperates with the Logistics department and is responsible for selling products and supporting Customers during and after the sales process. Employees in this department check incoming requests for the availability of specific goods or services and the feasibility of fulfilling the order. Our sales representatives place particular emphasis on maintaining good relationships with Customers.

Design department

The Design Department is responsible for researching and designing new products and technical solutions. A team of designers is constantly on the lookout for trends and potential for our Customers. After a thorough brainstorming process, a sketch of the product is created, which the designer then gives real shape to in a 3D program. The design department also collaborates with the sales representatives to support architects and installers.


It ensures the correct operation of electrical installations, light fixtures and installed equipment. Our specialists carry out repairs, inspections and product upgrades and also deal with complaints and service contracts. In addition, they ensure the availability of spare parts for the equipment. Proper maintenance and inspection of technical equipment enable it to operate for a long time without failure.


Using components from the world's best manufacturers, the Manufacturing Department develops light fixtures in response to Customer demand. We carry out individual orders as well as large production runs with short lead times. If required, we can complete our offer with customised control systems to ensure maximum reduction in operating costs.


Logistics is about managing materials and products effectively and coordinating the supply chain. Our specialists manage the planning and execution of orders and control all stages of transport through to the final delivery of the product to the Customer. By optimising the logistics process, we can identify the best delivery routes and reduce costs and lead times.


Our team guarantees professional sales support. The secret of our success is the ability to listen to the needs of our Customers and think outside the box. Thanks to this approach, we can meet your expectations and we are able to offer a comprehensive offer of appropriately selected products.