We are Bemko

We are a Polish manufacturer and renowned distributor of high-quality lighting and electrical equipment. We have been operating in the electrotechnical sector on the domestic and European markets for over 15 years. We enjoy our work and care about the comfort and satisfaction of our Customers by offering professional and individual solutions while providing continuous commercial, technical, marketing and logistic support. Our integrated solutions are designed with safety, reliability and energy efficiency in mind.
In our state-of-the-art Laboratory, all products are tested for compliance with applicable standards and regulations. Testing is essential to ensure the highest standard of quality for the products we offer. The Laboratory is equipped with devices such as

  • a goniometer,
  • EMC (electromagnetic compatibility),
  • Ulbricht spheres,
  • high-precision laboratory power supplies,
  • mechanical resistance tester
The R&D Centre is able to intervene in the design of equipment to improve its performance and durability, based on the equipment at its disposal.


Our values



The thing about life is that if you can't trust someone with everything, you can't really trust them with anything. From the very beginning, we have put integrity first, which has allowed us to earn the loyalty and trust of our Customers.



It is hard to imagine a successful business that does not rely on well-organised teamwork. Bemko TEAM is a close-knit team of employees. We take care of the good atmosphere at work - we organise team-building meetings.



We believe in working on the trust of our Contractors and producing responsibly - providing products that have been tested in our laboratory and comply with current regulations and standards.



We care about relationships, we listen to feedback, we meet the deadlines agreed with a Customer.



We are not resting on our laurels. Every day, we research and test products to make them better and more perfect. We are looking for newer solutions, and we are doing all this to be an innovative company in the market.



At work, we pursue our passions, have a greater sense of self-worth and find it easier to relate to other people. We look forward to working with you!

Our story

The company was established in 2007. At that time, the first premises were in a small, single-storey building. Although the beginnings were challenging, our company focused on developing energy-efficient technologies. Thanks to our commitment and belief in success, we gained a group of trusted Customers, which allowed us to start the construction of BEMKO's new headquarters in Jawczyce near Warsaw in 2016 until we moved into our own modern building with a warehouse and production complex and launched the Research and Development Centre.



The beginning of BEMKO.

Development of the company's mission, vision and strategy. We have been providing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions since our inception.


Opening up export markets.

Expansion of the product range to over 500 products. Two new brands have been created: KAFLER and Ecoline


We are expanding our product range.

The number of employees has increased to 31. Exports accounted for 28% of sales and our product range increased to over 800 items.


We are developing.

Construction of new headquarters in Jawczyce near Warsaw, close to the Konotopa intersection. A modern building with a warehouse and production complex with a total area of 4,600 m2.


We focus on quality.

Construction of a laboratory equipped with high-quality measuring equipment (goniophotometer GPM and Ulbricht spheres). Improving the technical solutions and optimising the performance of our fixtures. A new brand is created – Luxmena, dedicated to "MADE IN POLAND" fixtures.

2021 - 2022

A dedicated brand for modular equipment is created – Schelinger.

Expansion of the product range to over 2,000 items. The company employs up to 80 people, including 19 national sales representatives.

Schelinger Luxmena

LUXMENA – established to meet the growing demand for PREMIUM quality products made in Poland. It includes linear decorative fixtures, spots and a wide range of fixtures for industrial applications. A high degree of configuration flexibility makes it easy to adapt the fixtures to the diverse requirements of individual Customers and to any investment.

Schelinger – sets the highest standards in electrical safety. Our equipment systems are designed to provide the highest performance, minimise downtime and prevent accidental tripping. SCHELINGER products are backed by a 5-year warranty.

Look for our products in specialist stores, electrical wholesalers, DIY stores or online. You can find a list of our partners on our website.

Departments and people

Our employees work on Customer trust and focus on the highest quality of service. Guaranteeing the highest quality means years of work and product research by our professional staff. You can always count on us; we will answer any question.

Departments and people
Planned inventory on July 25-26, 2024
Planned inventory on July 25-26, 2024
Regarding the planned inventory on July 25-26, 2024, we would like to inform you that orders will be processed until July 23th, 12:00 PM. Orders placed after this time will be processed starting from July
Our new LOR "Lorien" linear luminaires are characterized by exceptionally high quality workmanship and durability.     Product details:Housing with a length of 120 cm60x35 mm aluminum profileInsulated,
The latest street luminaire "AVENUE" created for the development of LED technology in outdoor lighting. This product is ideal both for upgrading current lighting installations and for new projects. The
Open Days at Elgra Wholesale Bytom - June 20
Open Days at Elgra Wholesale Bytom - June 20
On June 20, we had the pleasure of participating in the Open Days at the Elgra wholesaler in Bytom. It was a unique event, during which we were able to present our products and make new contacts. Thank